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2020      UX/UI Designer courses 
                Further training at cimdata Bildungsakademie
                -Usability, UX and Designthinking 
                -Graphicdesign with Adobe Illustrator 
                -UI Design with Sketch
                All courses completed with top marks

2014 	M.A.	» Multimedia Design «
– 2017	Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle
                » Das Feld - Agrarfläche, Feldvögel und Pflanzenschutz:
                eine interaktive Annäherung an Biodiversität «

2013 	Freelance 
                For media, graphics and products,
                in Berlin since 2019

2012 	Exchange semester 
                Seoul National University, South Korea
                Traditional Painting, 3D Animation

2009 	B.A. » Multimedia|VR-Design «
– 2014	Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle
                » Eine digitale Lehrtafelsammlung für das Zentral-
                magazins Naturwissenschaftlicher Sammlungen «

2008 	Technical design assistant (GTA) 
                Walter-Gropius-Gymnasium, Erfurt

1987 	born in Erfurt, Germany

2020     Prototype creation for digital campus map  
	       Burg Giebichenstein University of Art in Halle
	       Concept, 3D and 2D design, programming, implemented with Unity 3D,
	       interactively accessible through WebGL in the browser
	       Commissioned by » Prof. Matthias Görlich, Studiengruppe Informationsdesign «

	       Motion design, graphics and editing
	       For advertising clips from BuildingMinds GmbH
	       Commissioned by » BlueRev Advertising Berlin, Video Marketing Agency «  

	       Motion Design
	       For various e-learning film projects
	       Commissioned by » Pflegecampus21 GmbH «  

	       Participating artist, » Unter uns – Bildproduktion im Mansfelder Land «
	       Werkleitz Festival 2020 
	       » Unter uns – Bildproduktion im Mansfelder Land «
	       Cooperation with » Werkleitz Gesellschaft e.V. «

2019     Motion design and illustration  
               Crowdfunding campaign, for » IKOSAE - aus Rest wird Rucksack «,

                Logo design
                Commissioned by » «

                3D artist for interior assets   
                VR teaching module project
                My part: concept, 3D modeling
                Commissioned by the University Hospital Halle (Saale)

2018 	Illustrations for browser-based computer game  
                For the State Museum of Archeology in Chemnitz
                Part of the work: Implementation of 5 collaged postcard motifs in different styles
                Commissioned by » pluslab «  

                3D advertising clip for facebook and instagram  
                Part of the work: 3D modeling, animation
                Magazine release » Die Epilog « issue 7

                UI / UX redesign for software group + click dummy
                For » Siemens «
                My part: Development of various design drafts, click dummy implementation in Figma,
                arrangements with management and developers
                Commission and cooperation with » prefrontal cortex  Kirsten Freitag Herbst BgR«  

2017 	UI concept for the natural science online archive   
                » All what is somehow useful - The Photo Collection of Julius Kühn «, 
                Concept, design, arrangements with the institute management and in-house developer during all phases
                Commissioned by » Zentralmagazin Naturwissenschaftlicher Sammlungen «   

2016 	Art Direction in the project » Smart Projector « Product Launch  
                My part: Lead of the 6-person team (2 motion designers, 1 3D designer, 2 developers,
                1 coordination assistant), development of key visuals for stage show and merch, concept for keynote process,
                conception and implementation of the product presentation (Showcase cubes, merch),
                concept and storyboard for projection mapping show  
                Commissioned by » Whaley Technology Co Ltd.«, Shanghai  

                UI design and graphics
                For touchscreen station in the Monash Health Translation Precinct Foyer
                Commissioned by » MESO Digital Interiors GmbH Berlin «  

                Conception and Design of UI variants
                For website project » Synopsis of Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle «
                Commissioned by » Prof. Anette Scholz,  Professorin für Design digitaler Produkte «

2015 	3D-Artist and Illustrator for panoramas of Hildesheim's historical city  
                For Visitor Centre World Heritage Hildesheim 
                My part: research and project coordination for the scenes, 3D modeling of infrastructure,
                Illustration of the city after the end of the war 			
                Commissioned by » pluslab «  

2014	Concept and Illustrations of interactive foyer Installations 
                For competition entry for Grassi Museum Leipzig
                Commissioned by » Hanke+Schwandt «  

2014 	Concept, UI design and coordination für interactive installation    
– 2018	Software » Anatomie Spiegel «

2013 	3D Artist for the projekt » Campus history of the Francke Foundations «  
                Touchscreen Installation is part of the permanent exhibition, 
                Commissioned by » pluslab «  

2011 	Engagement at the university
– 2014	Member of the movement » Burg Grün «
	        Assistent for the supervision of the tech devices at the lecture halls