Frankesche Stiftungen, Touch-Interface ©pluslab

The interactive application, installed at the museum of Franckesche Stiftungen, visualizes the history of the historical former orphanage, focused on the architecture and developing of the area. Visitors can browse through the area or view the constructions at different times in history, using just a timeline or navigate freely by touch interaction.
All 3d modells are historically accurate reconstructed , based on archive material, provided by the Franckesche Stiftungen.
My contribution: texturing and shading, modelling of most buildings, animating the construction of the orphanage.



Gold tooth for Die Epilog Nr.7
Wisdom tooth

To advertise Die Epilog Nr.7

Alles was irgendwie nützt

Interface design

Anatomie-Spiegel \ anatomical hand scan

A digital live scan trough the human body

Panoramas of Hildesheim's historical city

Three significant places in Hildesheim, visualized in four moments in time

Paleo Cube

Interactive Diorama about the Geisel valley in Saxony-Anhalt

Historic teaching boards

Concept for a visual database interface

What´s happening ?

A personal journey for occulus rift

Franckesche Stiftungen

Interactive timeline diorama

Traditional korean painting



Interactive scenario to explore a traditional german nutcracker