Visual Interface Concept for the Database of Historic Teaching Boards
Cooperation with
Zentralmagazin Naturwissenschaftlicher Sammlungen

Prof. Bernd Hanisch

A collection of about 1.600 historic partly unique hand-drawn but damaged teaching boards is stored at the attic of the insitut for zoology in Halle (Saale), inaccessible for most people in matters of preservation.

The concept describes an attempt to offer access to digital photographs of those teaching boards, sorted by different adequate categories, suitable for the scientific sector as well as for the normal interested person. An intuitiv layouted menu can be unfolded into categories and subitems in any direction of interest and by that, the photographs in the back will be filtered. The digital, organic styled interface is designed to be used by hand, on a touchscreen or a bigger touchwall. In it`s two dimensions, the screen area is only limited in a technical way and by the users range of interaction. Currently a browser-version is on it`s way.