Paleo Cube

Prof. Bernd Hanisch
Robert Frentzel
Patrick Dahms

Paleo Cube is an interactive realtime visualisation of paleontological and geological processes in the Area of Geiseltal (Germany). Based on Fossils, found in the Era of Coal Mining in that region and some geological facts.
My contribution: research and content direction, visual concept, modelling, animation and shading of the flora, the skeletons, the layers of earth, propalaeotherium and crocodile.



Gold tooth for Die Epilog Nr.7
Wisdom tooth

To advertise Die Epilog Nr.7

Alles was irgendwie nützt

Interface design

Anatomie-Spiegel \ anatomical hand scan

A digital live scan trough the human body

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Three significant places in Hildesheim, visualized in four moments in time

Paleo Cube

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