What´s happening ?

Prof. Bernd Hanisch
Patrick Dahms

The application was created as an attempt to show something more than just a tech demo for Occulus Rift (developer kit) at the time of its release. Users can experience an exciting virtual world, mixed out of surreal compositions and familiar references. Driven by an exploratory urge the user steps through a sequence varied environments wich differ in their dimmensions and evoke moods like constriction, vastness, feelings of beeing free or lost. Besied a character is continuously guiding through through the adventure.
My contribution: concept development, character design, modelling, shading and animation.
Back in 2013 the application was posively tested by more than 40 probands over two days at the yearly annual exhibition of Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle.



Gold tooth for Die Epilog Nr.7
Wisdom tooth

To advertise Die Epilog Nr.7

Alles was irgendwie nützt

Interface design

Anatomie-Spiegel \ anatomical hand scan

A digital live scan trough the human body

Panoramas of Hildesheim's historical city

Three significant places in Hildesheim, visualized in four moments in time

Paleo Cube

Interactive Diorama about the Geisel valley in Saxony-Anhalt

Historic teaching boards

Concept for a visual database interface

What´s happening ?

A personal journey for occulus rift

Franckesche Stiftungen

Interactive timeline diorama

Traditional korean painting




Interactive scenario to explore a traditional german nutcracker